A sprinkled ankle is a swelling caused by an injury to your ankle. A sprained ankle is the most common of all ankle injuries. Sometimes sprinkled ankles are mishandled leading to serious injuries. A sprinkled ankle needs tender care for quick recovery. When you engage your injured ankle early enough,the recovery speed is enhanced and the symptoms are minimized. If you want to take care of a sprinkled ankle, the following steps will assist you in nursing the injury.

Give the injured ankle protection

Many people will always forget this simple step. It might look a small thing, but the immediate protection of the sprained ankle is the beginning of a quick recovery. You can tie it with a brace to ensure the injured part doesn’t dislocate. You are advised not to walk on the sprained ankle as this might cause more injuries.


Taking a rest works better. Resting doesn’t mean you become inactive, you can take on small exercises like swimming to make sure the blood flow is continuous. Most important, you are advised to give your injured ankle at least twenty-four hours of rest. This prevents the ankle from a further strain which might result in major injuries.

Ice the ankle

Ice is very cold. This makes the pain disappear and the swelling ankle reduce. Apply a bagged ice on the injury for at least fifteen to twenty minutes. This can be done several times within a day. Your injury will be kept at a minimum and the pain reduced. If you ice for more than twenty minutes, prepare for more damage. Therefore, adhere to the recommended duration and routine.


Compression involves wrapping the ankle with a bandage that is elastic. Start from the toes and up the calf. The bandage should not be tight as it will cause more damage by preventing continuous blood flow. The purpose of this bandage is to prevent swelling. This step should be done when necessary.


This involves raising the ankle above the hip or the heart while you are lying in a comfortable place. A few pillows should be placed under your ankle to support your leg and make you more comfortable. This should be done two to three hours a day. This helps to minimize the swelling and bruising that occurs.

Get a professional to help

Most of the time we get ankle injuries that heal quickly. Other times, small ankle injuries might look easy. Assuming should not be an option. Getting a professional like physiotherapist can be of good help. This professional will assess the injury and help you in designing quick recovery treatments.

Begin rehabilitating your ankle

For a full recovery, you will need to start small exercises. This will ensure you recover fully and you are able to regain your balance. It’s highly recommended that you take small steps e.g. getting support from the use of crutches or a walker.

Soothing an ankle sprain can be a tiring job. You only need to commit to your recovery by getting directions from a professional. This fastens your recovery treatment. It will also reduce the chances of causing severe injuries. Just follow the above steps and your injury will get well soonest possible.