Trusting your health in the hands of someone you don´t completely know is not something easy, it is more of a complicated situation. Follow these tips and find the best physical therapist for you in no time.

Insurance Coverage

This is the first question you need to ask your physical therapy because if you love his or her work, but your insurance policy won´t cover its services, you might be spending a fortune on every session. Sometimes you don´t even need to meet with the person but just call and ask to make sure he or she does or does not work with your insurance.

Detention Girls

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No-Show Policy

This is crucial, especially if you are going to receive your treatment at home. What happens if the practitioner doesn´t show up? This is the first thing to clear out before any misunderstanding can take place. Also, besides the no-show policy, losing precious treatment time is not recommended at all. Make sure the no-show policy is very serious so you will have very session.


Is the physical therapist specialized in your kind of pain/treatment? Specialization is a big thing if you want to have the best in the business treating you. Sometimes physical therapists go on studying and perfecting their techniques applying it to a certain area. If their area of specialization matches your injury or pain, don´t hesitate.

Education And Experience

Education is a big part of a physical therapist´s knowledge, but not the most crucial. It is important that he or she went to a prestigious institution to study, but it is more important still to be in the hands of someone with a lot of experience in their field. If you are given the choice between knowledge and experience, take experience, no doubts about it.

Is The Therapist The One Providing The Service?

Some physical therapists take more work than the one they can handle and have assistants handling the easiest patients. This is another thing to ask beforehand because it is not the same to have the therapy applied by the experienced and knowledgeable practitioner than by an assistant who might be just forging his or her path in the profession. Avoid ugly surprises.


If your therapist has all these qualities, chances are you are in great hands. Look for the right physical therapy and say goodbye to pain and suffering.