The common reaction of 90% people in case of any pain or discomfort is to rush to a doctor and want them to write out a long list of medicines. The more the tablets, quicker the recover – this is a common delusion that people have. However, a large section of the society is diverting from it and started believing in physical therapy.

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Physical Therapy Currently Preferred To Medication

There might be a number of reasons why this is happening. Here we have listed some of them for the readers to understand why physical therapy is being preferred over medication:

1. Medicines Do Not Heal From The Core

The prescribed tablets are great masking the pain, but not really making things better from the inside. This can be best seen in case of any chronic muscle pain. The painkillers available in the market will reduce the sensation of pain by manipulating the nerve signals to the brain. However, physical therapy actually concentrates on your muscle movement with exercise and other practices, which will heal the targeted tissue from the inside.

2. Medicines Can Get Addictive

Abuse of prescription drugs is a big problem, especially in case of chronic pains. It begins with the patient getting dependant on the tablets, it slowly turns into, which in turn leads to disturbance in psychological factors.

3. Medicines Can Have Side Effects

The prescribed painkillers come with quite a few immediate as well as side effects. Nausea, vomiting, digestive problems and sometimes psychological disorders like depression and anxiety are popular side effects of pills.

So with medicines, you get rid of one trouble in a way, but add on some more very undesirable reactions. Physical therapy is directly applicable to the affected area and hardly harms any other body part or triggers any reaction.

4. Medicines, When Taken Continually, Lose Efficiency

Chronic pains and disorders, by the very definition, are a persistent issue. They do not get healed after a week’s dosage. Sometimes they can last years at a stretch. If a particular medicine is continually taken for that long, the body will adjust to it, it will no longer have the effect on the problematic tissues.

In cases of organ disorder or acute diseases, medicine has to be included. But if it can be dealt with physical therapy or a combination of both, it is being considered by physicians. These are therapeutic in nature and are known to reduce the effect of the virus or the bacteria.