Everyone at our blog has either undergone physical therapy or knows someone who has. Our bet is that the same is true for you and everyone you know. Maybe it was a couple quick visits or maybe it was a long and very difficult journey. One thing that seems to remain consistent in each of our experiences is that physical therapy just isn’t fun. It is boring and of course, uncomfortable. There are people that have identified this issue and are doing the impossible. They are integrating actual video games in to the world of physical therapy.

“We can understand if some of you are still a little skeptical. We are, after all, discussing video games as actual medical treatment.”

We know that video games are not for everyone. Many people have thoughts of characters engaged in reckless, violent, or illegal activities when they think of video games. Our entire team is very pleased to say that the new wave is here!

virtual realityWith the increasing availability of virtual reality technology we feel it was only a matter of time. Many of the leading video game consoles have peripheral equipment available to bring virtual reality in to the home of the average consumer. These games require the use of a players hands, arms, and at times even legs. There is also movement of the neck and head throughout the use of these games.

The biggest step in the right direction, in this blog’s opinion, is the introduction of games designed specifically for physical therapy. These games have specific programs aimed at specific areas of the body. One activity may include moving items from one place to another repeatedly. This requires the user to repeat a movement over and over. The images the user sees can change but still continue to require the same repetitive motions. In this way a monotonous exercise can become new and exciting.

The American Physical Therapy Association is on board with this trend and it would appear they have been for some time.

An article posted on their site in August of 2016 can be found here : https://www.apta.org/PTinMotion/News/2016/8/18/VideoGamesRehab/. The article provides many promising statistics that really peaked our interest!

If this technology continues to be developed we could all see very big industry changes. These changes could result in lower costs for many patients. One example is a “work from home” kind of scenario. If the patients PT plan for the day calls for a series of activities that the patient has proven proficient in, they could have the class from home. By setting up a virtual reality system in their home they could access saved programs designed to guide them through the session. Dare we dream of a world where a live session could be attended from home through virtual reality? These futures rely heavily on the continued focus in this area.

We can understand if some of you are still a little skeptical.

We are, after all, discussing video games as actual medical treatment. At this blog we aim to bring you the most exciting and cutting edge news in physiotherapy methods. This trend may not have just started yesterday but we all agree it is worth bringing to the attention of our readers. Please do not discount a possible form of therapy based on preconceived notions. The next time you or someone in your life is found in the need of physical therapy or rehabilitation we implore you to consider the possibility that the answer to your problem is in fact a good solid video game session.

Therapy of games… and then of adult-rated videos?

Family Dicks
Family Dicks

Well, that seem to be the future since we have found so many of adult-like project to appear online these days. One of them is called FamilyDick and it features… gay content. LGBT community seem to be very keen of it and promote it at all costs. At first we found it be a little too much and having way too much of taboo aspect, but after giving it a second thought… well if games can help, why not movies?

FamilyDick – it’s about family relations in step-families. Step-dads & step-sons entering the world of gay sexuality together. If it made you curious, you should follow this link to check the videos. (Adult only)