Physical therapy is perhaps that medical condition that everyone needs at some point in their lives, maybe after surgery or injury. Physical therapy helps one restore the function and the movement of the body, and now with the constant evolution, the field of physical therapy is expanding and enhancing. But, there are a few common and most popular physical therapy treatments that are being used in almost every medical condition asking for the physical therapy.

So, we are taking the initiative to discuss these most popular and common physical therapy treatments. Go below the list explore more.

  • Hot and Cold pack

Hot and cold packs have their own importance in the ache and pain. A hot pack is the best immediate option to be applied when one is suffering from theache in knee or back, and if one will visit the physiotherapist suffering from the same, he will be given ultrasound. A cold pack is applied when someone is suffering from swollen joint packs, and there must be some alternative for the same when one is visiting a physiotherapist. But, you know what that both, the hot and cold packs and the treatment given by the physiotherapy for the same problems work the same way, and just because you are paying for it, physiotherapist won’t help you recover the injuries faster, and both works in the same way.

So, instead of investing, you can use the hold and cold pack to treat your injuries.

  • Exercise machines for the replacement knees

Many people suffer severe leg and knees injuries and many times; they have to go through the knee replacements surgeries. Many physiotherapists suggest the patients opt for the exercise machines to help them deal with the replaced knees and they will get used to them and recover faster and get eased with their pain. But, this is not the truth actually. Many other physiotherapists claim that rather than relying on the exercise machines, one should start exercising with their artificial knees as soon as possible.

  • Proper rest for blood clots

Blood clots are the most common results of the many injuries, and it can happen a day anytime. People often go for the proper bed rest session to treat the blood clots immediately, and many physiotherapists suggest the same. Blood clots can reach the lungs and can increase chances of the death, but if you haven’t found the blood clot reaching your lungs and your physiotherapists have given the green signal, you should start moving and taking part in the daily routines.

Many types of research have shown that taking proper bed rest for many days can result in many more blood clots and to recover from it; one should move and do things regularly only after getting the green signal from the physiotherapists.

These are very few, and there are many other most popular physiotherapy exercises you should know about in details. Chances are there you have known all the wrong things associated with it and you are missing the real values about it.